• TUBITAK 1003 project (no: 108E132 ): Developing High Performance and Real time Method for Malware Detection and Implementation for Different Platforms
  • Within the scope of 1003 Tubitak Project, high performance metamorphic malware detection method will be deloped. And software of the method will be implemented with high success rate by analyzing malware running on windows and android environment. Within the scope of the project, scientific studies and recent studies related to malware detection and classification are closely followed, while at the same time contributing to science through new researches


  • TUBITAK ARDEB1001 project (no: 108E132 ): Hi-AuthMe: Designing An Electronic Signature with Hierarchical Authorization Model and Implementation of The Model on Smart Card Systems
  • In this project, an electronic signature with hierarchical authorization model Hi-AuthME will be designed. The model will provide single and/or multiple sign and verification approve and accept mechanisms between different authorized levels with integrated time-authorization information for hierarchical organizations.

    By the security and performance analysis, an infrastructure of the model will be developed with pairing based cryptography techniques on smart cards.

  • BAP project (no: 2007-A-19): Designing Information Security Management System Which is Concordant to the International Standards and Application at GIT as a Case Study

  • The goal of the project is to design a practical and easy Institutional Information Security management System that is suitable to the standards of ISO/IEC 17799 and ISO/IEC 27001. The system will be applied firstly to design for Gebze Institute of Technology Information Security Management System (GIT- ISMS).